Cranberry Creek Horse Farm

CUSTOMER: Cranberry Creek Horse Farm

“Cranberry Creek Horse Farm is located on twelve evenly-graded acres of pastureland suitably located in the heart of historic Farmingdale, New Jersey. We specialize in boarding and riding lessons. The land is surrounded by hundreds of acres of Green Acres. Allaire State Park is within a short walking distance, making the area one of the most beautiful and serene places in all of Monmouth County. There are numerous riding trails throughout the park.

Monmouth Park is conveniently located within 30 minutes from Cranberry Creek Horse Farm making the trip an easy one if you happen to have a lay-up racehorse boarding at our farm.

Cranberry Creek Horse Farm is owned and operated by John Morello, an experienced and knowledgeable horse lover who has been passionately involved with horses all his life and in the industry for over thirty years.

Cranberry Creek Horse Farm’s barns, paddocks, fencing and equipment are the finest in the industry and our veterinarians, farriers and management team are highly trained professionals. We are continuously improving all aspects of Cranberry Creek Horse Farm because we want to provide the best place for your horse to relax and enjoy.”

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Cranberry Creek Horse Farm

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